Top gifts for Mother’s Day to give her quality me-time

Top gifts for Mother’s Day to give her quality me-time

Top gifts for Mother’s Day to give her quality me-time


Me-time is often an elusive concept for busy mums, yet universally necessary for a healthy body and mind. Some mums enjoy a leisurely walk as their me-time, others look forward to their weekly yoga class. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift this Mother’s Day, why not indulge her with something she can enjoy during her me-time. Here are our top four picks:

  1. She can track her fitness in style with a new Fitness Tracker / Heart Rate Watch

Fitness trackers and heart rate watches are no longer bulky, unstylish pieces that sit awkwardly on your arm. They now sport chic appearances, and some come customised specifically for women, with the versatility to go from gym to work to home.

Pick one with a rose gold trimming (this colour is pretty trendy these days) and one with a circular watch face that at a glance looks like a traditional watch, but has the capability to track steps, calories, heart rate, distance and intensity, in addition to monitoring daily exercise and ensuring motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Check out the full range of fitness trackers and heart rate watches here.

  1. Gift her the gift of comfort with a good pair of running shoes

Having proper running shoes is actually more important than people believe it to be – if your mum is serious about running, either competitively or for fun, wearing just a pair of generic track shoes isn’t going to cut it.

Having proper running shoes not only provide support and comfort for the feet, they also frame your overall body movement.

There are plenty of trendy options out in the market these days coming in a variety of colours and styles. Knitted shoes (those with integrated flywire cables and a sock-like fit with a breathable feel) are a popular option for consideration.

Check out what’s new for women’s running shoes here.

  1. Give her a reason to get her Zen on with a yoga mat

If your mum loves a good yoga sesh as her me-time, a new yoga mat could give her renewed enthusiasm. There’s a variety to choose from as they come in a range of colours, designs and makes.

Yoga mats have evolved to even suit specific needs – there are non-slips, those with textured surfaces, and even eco-friendly, latex-free options and they come in various thickness to suit individual needs.

Pick out one for your mum depending on her yoga practices. If she’s into hot yoga, one with non-slip would be a better option as compared to other alternatives.  

Check out the full range of yoga mats here and why not pick out a few yoga accessories too?

  1.     Start her on a new hobby with a bike

Pick from a cute urban bike for your mum to ride around the streets on her daily adventures or choose a mountain bike for the more adventurous woman to conquer the trails.

Our top tips for picking out the best bike for her: determine what type of riding she’ll be doing; pick a bike based on her height and riding experience; and ensure you get her a helmet!

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