UA SpeedForm CRM review

UA SpeedForm CRM review

UA SpeedForm CRM review


Making a major mark on the Australian sports market and gaining huge popularity, Under Armour decided it’s time to bring some of their game into football, and thankfully they did. The UA SpeedForm CRM, is their boot designed for speed, comfort, and the perfect fit. Itching to see what the fuss about the boot was, we took to the turf to see what UA SpeedForm had to offer.

Straight out of the box, the SpeedForm’s upper feels slightly stiff. However, this was no issue after an hour of play, the upper truly softens up, and that’s when the fun begins. In the toe-box, you’ll notice contours, which appear to be shaped for your toes, because one major aim of the SpeedForm is to have a next-to-skin feel. These contours shape around your feet perfectly for a faultless fit, so it truly does feel like a second skin feel.

The lining of the boot features a seamless heel-cup, making the boot feel like a part of your ankle, reducing the chance of blisters because of its plushness. The rest of the fixed sock liner boasts a super soft foam base, which is incredibly comfortable from the first wear. This was a major feature that stood out for us, especially when wearing the SpeedForm for long periods of time.

On the sole, the SpeedForm’s real game begins to kick in. Inspired and designed for speed, the SpeedForm features a bladed claw-like stud pattern for ultimate traction and acceleration. We really loved the ‘bite’ the SpeedForm delivered. There was a distinct advantage when sprinting, as the forefoot features penetrable and narrow studs that really dig into the ground and release quickly when the foot lifts.

Hitting and touching the ball in the SpeedForm was another ultimate pleasure, as there was ‘zero distractions’ effect on the upper. The upper is thin and with a plush layer, so protection is not forgotten, but you also get a dampened effect on the ball. Hitting the ball felt awesome, as the upper moulds your foot and provides a real ‘ping’ effect, so that nothing gets in the way between you and the ball.

No matter what shape of ball we tested the SpeedForms, they performed exceptionally well in all codes. A lightweight speed boot, which feels incredible on feet in all aspects, is a major tick in the right boxes for Under Armour. Their first step into football territory has been a success in our eyes, and has made its way straight into our boot bag for game day.