5 Things you can do to feel like a kid again

5 Things you can do to feel like a kid again

5 Things you can do to feel like a kid again


Worried you are feeling old before your time? With the stresses of modern day, at some stage we’ve all wished we could be kids again – back to the days where your biggest worry was what colour crayon to use. You can rewind the clock by attempting these five things you probably haven’t attempted since you were in primary school.

For many of us, cartwheel are reminiscent of our childhood. As an adult, you will need to have a great deal of flexibility, strong arms and wrists. If it’s been a long time since you attempted a cartwheel, we suggest you try it somewhere soft like sand. It’s not as easy as it looks. You may need to do some hip flexor stretches to limber up. Once you start the manoeuvre, commit to it. If you change your mind mid-cartwheel, that’s when you’re likely to sustain an injury. As with most sports and gymnastic movements, the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

Hula hoop
It looks a lot easier than it is. If you had hula hooping down pact when you were a kid, you might be surprised, at how difficult it is now you’re older. Dress in active wear to give you the best chance of being successful. Step inside the hoop, pick it up and as you spin it, rotate your torso in a circular motion.

Jumpelastics was a huge fad during primary school years for those of us who are now in their 40s. Best played with three people (two enders and one jumper), elastics is a great way to burn a few calories. If you are short on friends, you can rope in a few kitchen chairs to hold the elastic. It might pay to do a few stretches before attempt the jumps and start off at ‘ankles’ level before attempting Kneesies or Thighsies.

Even as an adult, Hopscotch has it benefits. It’s good for developing better balance, coordination, strength (C’mon how long has it been since you’ve had to hop on one foot and bend over to pick up a stone) and stamina.

Nothing like a lively game of tiggy with the family to burn off excess calories. Don’t forget to chant things like “[Insert name] is it! Chuck her in a pit”. If you don’t have kids, you can always play kiss chase with your partner. Both games will make you feel like the clock has been rewound.