6 Fun trampoline games for kids

6 Fun trampoline games for kids

6 Fun trampoline games for kids


Have your kids seemed to have abandoned the trampoline in the backyard because it’s “boring”? You can give your old trampoline a new lease of life by introducing your children to these fun games. And if you don’t have one or if your trampoline has seen better days, why not invest in a new one. It’s a great form of exercise.

An old classic game, one child is selected to be the piece of popcorn. Crossing their arms and legs, they sit in the middle of the trampoline with their eyes closed. The other children are the heat, by bouncing up and down without touching the ‘popcorn’ they attempt to make the ‘pop’ (uncross their arms and legs). The game is over when the child in the centre loses their position. This game is also known as ‘Crack The Egg.’

Simon Says
Just like the traditional game but by challenging players to undertake more complicated bounces, like star jumps and knee bounces with claps and high kicks.

One person is it and uses a soft bouncy ball to aim below the knee of the other jumpers. Once hit, the players join ‘it’ to try and help tag the other’s with the ball.  Changing the size of the ball will up the skill level required.

Water Dodgeballoon
An alternative to Dodgeball on a hot summer’s day. You can purchase aqua balloon sling shots or the contraptions that fill 30 water balloons at once. It’s a great way to cool down and the whole family can join in.

Trampoline hopscotch
Using chalk draw a hopscotch pattern. The bouncy platform will take hopscotch to the next level and make it a little more challenging.

Follow the leader
A very simple concept but great for the little ones who might find water dodgeballon a bit too rough to enjoy.