7 Active ways to spend Father’s Day

7 Active ways to spend Father’s Day

7 Active ways to spend Father’s Day


If you want to do something super special this Father’s Day, there’s nothing your Dad will enjoy more than spending quality time with you. Instead of lunch or dinner, make a day of it and do something active – give your Dad that extra motivation to loose the dad bod.

Tramping or Camping

It’s the perfect time of year to go hiking. Australia has some beautiful national parks to explore. Take a backpack with a picnic lunch and enjoy time in the bush with your Dad— just the two of you, or bring the whole family. Alternatively you could make a weekend of it and turn it into a camping trip. Fish, explore and enjoy quality family time.

Family Day at the beach

It’s been an unseasonably warm winter. If you’re in Queensland, it’s certainly warm enough to hit the beaches. Plan a picnic for the whole family and spend the day body boarding, building sandcastles – or if it’s too cold to get into the water (For example you’re in Tassie), play beach cricket or volleyball.

Bike ride

Dust off your old bike or hire a couple and enjoy a family day exploring uncharted territory. If you are daunted by riding on the road, there are plenty of dedicated cycle ways that are family orientated.


There’s nothing like the tranquility of being out on the water, the wind in your hair, the sound of water lapping at the oars. Sign up for a kayaking safari (Kayaks are provided) or splash out and purchase Dad his very own kayak.


Take Dad on a worldwide treasure hunt, you can explore local areas or venture somewhere new. Geocaching is a fun way to get exercise and bring out his inner child.


Take Dad out for a round of golf. It can be hungry work, so kick off with a hearty breakfast.  If you’re dad’s a golfing fanatic, he’ll love the opportunity to show off his skills on the green. If he’s never played golf before in his life, why not sign him up for some lessons.


Bowling is fun for the entire family, and there’s something quite therapeutic about seeing the ball fly down the lane and knock all pins over for a strike.


An active dad is a healthy dad, so encouraging him to exercise, even if it’s not the traditional way, it is the best present you can give.