4 Steps to planning a healthy holiday routine

4 Steps to planning a healthy holiday routine


4 Steps to planning a healthy holiday routine


The weather is warming up and summer is coming. I’m pretty sure you have set out goals to reach before summer arrives.  I’m also confident you have already booked your summer holiday too, but have you planned your healthy holiday routine? Make sure you don’t end your summer out of shape and feeling back at square one.

The biggest issue nearly everyone faces when they travel is your normal routine is disrupted. Routine is always key to maintaining your fitness. So what do you do to stay on track while holidaying?

Step 1
Set holiday fitness workout routines. Body weight workouts are the best for travel and you can change it up with a few different routines.

Step 2
Set a time of day you prefer to workout and stick to it. For example; first thing in the morning so the rest of the day is free for fun and relaxation. Forming a habit fast is the key.

Step 3
Set yourself food rules like no desserts during the week. Limit number of alcoholic drinks per day. No bread. No snacking. You know your weaknesses

Step 4
If you fall off the wagon don’t give up. A slip up isn’t a reason for throwing in the towel.

Holidays are great and you do need to live a little, but balance is the key to staying in shape and keeping your fitness on track. A positive mind set and a little will power will make sure you don’t slip back into old habits and lose all the hard work you put in.