7 active date ideas & budget alternatives for Valentines

7 active date ideas & budget alternatives for Valentines


7 active date ideas & budget alternatives for Valentines


Anyone can organise dinner and a movie, it doesn’t take much thought or planning. This year, we’re encouraging you to think outside the box and plan an active date, something your significant other will remember for years to come. You don’t have to spend lots of money because we’ve included a budget-priced alternative for those who are light on funds.

1 Go dancing
Book a dance class or hit the floor and tantalise one another at one of the many flamenco or salsa clubs throughout Australia.
Budget alternative: Turn down the lights, watch Dirty Dancing and get your Patrick Swayze on as you reenact the dance scenes.

2 Hot yoga
Get hot and sweaty together at a hot yoga class. The poses are sensual and said to increase blood flow and flexibility. After class take it back to the bedroom.
Budget alternative: If you have a local gym, take your partner for a sauna, then bust out some downward dog poses.

3 Early morning hike
Beat the sun and hike up to a local peak to watch the sunrise while enjoying a selection of freshly cut fruit and champagne.
Budget alternative: Forgot the champagne breakfast and present your date with an Uncle Toby’s muesli bar and a bottle of sparkling water.

4. Zip lining
There’s nothing like conquering a fear together to bring a couple closer. If heights aren’t your thing, a gigantic flying fox will challenge your anxiety levels, while providing an opportunity to support and encourage your other half.
Budget alternative: Watch extreme zip lining on YouTube And explain how you can’t afford to do it this year, because you are saving so you can zip line across Niagara Falls (or anywhere remotely exotic).

5 Tandem bike riding
You’ll find tandem bikes in most major cities across the world. Pack a picnic, hire a bike and explore the city from a new perspective.
Budget alternative:  Borrow two bikes and ride to your local McCafe.

6 Kayaking
Paddle away somewhere remote with a gourmet picnic hamper and spend the afternoon swimming, or lying on a secluded beach reading and talking.
Budget alternative: Purchase two large inflatable pool toys (they’re extremely budget-friendly) and float down a river or a lake. Take homemade vegemite sangers with you.

7 Paintball
There’s something exciting about diving for cover and being under fire in the middle of the bush. After an adrenaline-packed afternoon, find a local lookout to watch the sunset
Budget alternative: Borrow super soakers from your nephew or nieces and launch warfare in your own backyard.