7 Games you can play with Frisbees

7 Games you can play with Frisbees


7 Games you can play with Frisbees


With great weather, you’ll want the kids to be outdoors getting much needed Vitamin D and giving their eyes a break from screen time. Playing with a Frisbee can be a lot of fun but it soon gets boring if you simple throw and catch. This summer, enjoy the great outdoors and enjoy Frisbee games you can play at a local park or the beach.

Break the world record
Who can get the longest throw. The current world record sits at throw of 1,333 feet.

Fill a bucket relay
Using only the Frisbee, your kids can race to fill a bucket to the top with sand or water. It takes coordination and skill to to deliver the contents to a bucket using only a flying disc. First one to win gets to choose what’s for dinner.

Tic Tac Toe
Great for the beach where you can mark out a grid on the sand. Only instead of placing the Frisbees, the idea is to toss them so they land on the grid and you get three of your colour in a row.
You may need to buy a several Frisbees of the same colour

Frisbee Dodgeball
Great fun if you have a large family gathering. This can be played at the park, on a tennis court, even at the beach. The Frisbee must hit between the hips and the shoulders for a person to be considered out. Increase the difficulty by using two or more Frisbees at the same time.

Frisbee Softball

Exactly like softball, only replace the bat and ball with a Frisbee. Batters throw a disc and run as fast as they can to the first base.

Piggy in the middle

One player is selected to stand in the middle, known as the piggy, the other players take turns to throw the Frisbee back and forth. If the player in the middle intercepts the Frisbee, then the person who threw it becomes the piggy.

Pool Frisbee

This game requires a swimming pool, deep enough to jump in to, and of course a Frisbee.  It’s really quite simple, player one throws the Frisbee towards the middle of the pool, while player two attempts to catch it mid air.