8 Jobs that will help keep you fit

8 Jobs that will help keep you fit


8 Jobs that will help keep you fit


We’ve all been bombarded with the dangers of sitting for long periods of time, but it can be hard to avoid when you have a job requiring you to stay in your seat. Perhaps it’s time for a career change?We’ve found eight occupations that will allow get a daily workout, while still getting paid.

Personal trainer or Boot camp trainer
Can you think of a better work out or way to vent any pent up aggression by yelling like a drill instructor and exercising alongside your clients?

Store person
Generally working in a warehouse, you’ll spend the day on your feet, unpacking boxes requiring bending and lifting to tone your muscles. This is great for your functional fitness.

Walking tour guide
What better way to meet you people and get to explore your local area by foot? Attach a Fitbit and keep tracks of your daily steps and calories burned.

Group fitness instructor
Whether you’re teaching Zumba, yoga or ZUU, you’re bound to burn some serious calories.

Ski instructor
Kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you get to ski for free that will save you heaps on lift passes, and secondly, you’ll get a workout on the slopes.

Green Cab Driver
Green cabs are bicycle powered taxis, a bit like a rickshaw. Popular in Brisbane, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast, your legs will get the workout of their life. You will need to know a little about bike maintenance, but it’s a great way to get paid and exercise.

Tradie – Builder/Bricklayer
There’s rarely a time to sit down when you’re working to deadline. Climbing up and down ladders and carting heavy timber or wheeling loads of bricks will keep you in shape.

Cycle courier
Inspired by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Premium Rush to become a bicycle courier? It’s not as easy as it looks. For starters, it’s a pre-requisite that you are fit for this role. It can be a little dangerous weaving your way in and out of traffic on a bicycle, or dealing with inclement weather, but the fresh air and exercise will keep you feeling amazing.