Big backyard fun for summer

Big backyard fun for summer

Big backyard fun for summer


Today’s kids are spending more and more  time inside. Compared to previous generations who were more likely to have been found building tree huts, exploring the neighbourhood on their bikes and inventing their own entertainment, children today are on gaming consoles, glued to Netflix or on tablets. Told to go and play outside, it maybe mere moments before you are subjected to the cries of “we’re bored!”

This summer you can turn your backyard into a world of fun for the whole family with our range of games for the whole family. Whether you buy one or two or the whole collection, there’s backyard activities everyone will enjoy.

For a smashing good time, an outdoor badminton set is a fun way to build hand and eye coordination. The Verao badminton set comes with everything you need for four players. It comes in an easily portable pack with four badminton racquets, a net with poles and two shuttlecocks. Shuttlecocks are cheap to buy, so it won’t cost too much to get replacements. Badminton is best suited for days where there is very little breeze.

Height adjustable tennis
Also known back in the 1980s as good old fashioned Swing Ball. Ideal for all ages young and old, pole tennis can be easily set up in the backyard or transported to the beach.

Have a ball with family boules. This set comes with eight steel boules, a pallino ball (sometimes referred to as the jack) and a carry case for convenience. If this is a serious family competition, you may need to mow a strip of grass as your bowling green.

The good times will roll with game designed for all ages. Set up is so simple and can be played anywhere–backyard, park or beach. Bocce comes with eight coloured balls, a pallino ball and is easily transportable with its own carry case.

Rope quoits
All the fun of the fair in your own backyard with quoits; just take aim and throw. You could even organise prizes for the family member with the best aim.

Have your own old-fashioned garden tea party. Club sandwiches with the crust removed, glasses of freshly made lemonade and a round of croquet will make for the perfect family afternoon.


From simply 2 players or more, rules can be created as you go along. If you’re kids are playing in the backyard it could be a good idea to substitute a cricket ball for a tennis ball—less chance of a broken window.