Easter egg hunts with a fitness twist

Easter egg hunts with a fitness twist

Easter egg hunts with a fitness twist


This Easter make the annual Easter egg hunt a little more challenging. Rather than just a traditional treasure hunt, you can switch it up and encourage your children to get more active with a series of exercises before they are rewarded for their efforts.

It’s a great way to instigate an early morning work out for the entire family.

  1. Set the Easter egg hunt up the night before, and have a healthy breakfast before you send the kids out to look for their eggs. That way, they’re less likely to have a chocolate-based brekkie.
  2. Cut out egg shaped pieces of coloured paper and use these to write clues and instructions to the whereabouts of the eggs. If it looks like it might rain, you may need to place clues in hiding holes where they won’t get wet or in waterproof ziplock bags. Alternatively you can dye and decorate hard boiled eggs and leave them with the clues.
  3. Place eggs as far apart as you can around your yard. All instructions must be completed before the kids can move to the next clue. Tailor your instructions based on the ages of your children

Examples of instructions can include:

Hop on one foot for 60 seconds without stopping, once you’ve done this you will find the next clue where clothes dry.

Do 10 star jumps, before you explore the BBQ area

Jump rope for one minute and then skip to the mailbox

Using chalk draw up a hopscotch and complete one round before running backwards to the garage

Another idea to keep your family active over the easter break is to go for a bush walk. When the kids aren’t looking you can randomly hide eggs for them to collect on the way.

If there’s no rain, plan a visit to the beach. Map out a patch of sand and bury a few eggs while the children are paddling. When they’re done playing in the water, let them go crazy digging for eggs.