Get a full workout with space-efficient gear

Get a full workout with space-efficient gear

Get a full workout with space-efficient gear


Some workout equipment can be bulky, taking up a huge amount of space in your home. However, using some smaller workout tools do burn just as much calories as larger equipment, whilst giving you a full-body workout in addition to being easy to store away.

Here is some equipment worth considering.

Boxing equipment

Yes, heavy boxing bags may be the first thing that come to mind when thinking of boxing equipment, but there are now some alternatives that give you similar results. A punchball on stand is a great tool for working on coordination, accuracy and speed.

Boxing gloves, mitts and hand wraps are also lightweight and compressible and you may also choose to invest in boxing focus pads when training with a partner.

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Yoga and Pilates

It’s no longer a secret that yoga and pilates stretches and lengthens all the major muscle groups within a body in a balanced fashion. And there’s not much that you need for this form of exercise.

The basic necessity is a yoga/pilates mat, which can be rolled and tucked away in cupboards, under furniture, or in corners of a home. Yoga blocks, yoga straps, resistance cords, and can all be added into a workout, giving you endless workout options.

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Jump ropes

It is literally a rope between two handles but skipping/jump ropes give you a full-body workout by working out your arms, legs, abs and more. You can change up skipping sequences, the height of your jumps and bodyweight movements to suit your desired workout regime.

Plus, they don’t cost much at all – most jump ropes can be purchased under $20.

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Strength training equipment

Strength training doesn’t necessarily have to involve a full dual weight stacking system, an incline bench, and all the bells and whistles. Simple body building workout kits do the same trick.

Door gyms attach to almost any door without screws for an unobtrusive mount and open up a myriad of upper body exercises when used in combinations with ab straps. You can even include exercises with dumbbells, rotating push up grips, core/ab straps, a toning wheel, cross-train fit bag and a conditioning rope.

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Aerobic steps

New age aerobic steps do more than just serve as stepping steps for workouts. They now offer you training options of a push up platform and that of a balance board in addition to assisting as an aerobic step.

It’s ideal for developing balance, toning areas such as your legs and glutes and building core strength. Most of them can be adjusted by removing or adding platforms based on your height and fitness level.

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