How to become a morning workout person

How to become a morning workout person

How to become a morning workout person


Many have said the early bird catches the worm. Some may not agree with the statement but no one can deny that working out first thing each morning not only improves your health but also your mental and spiritual well-being.

It may be a tough habit to get into, so here are some life hacks that can help you alter your routine and become a master of a morning workout.

  1.     Prep the night before

Having your breakfast prepared, (or semi-prepared depending on what you’re having), your workout and day clothes picked out and your bags packed the night before means less scrambling around in the morning looking for things. This way, everything’s within reach and you can leave on time for your workout.  

  1.     Have a morning workout buddy

You can convince yourself out of a workout much more easily than another person. So keep yourself in check by having a workout buddy. That way, you’re accountable for yourself and your buddy and the cross-motivation would keep both of you in check with your workout plans.     

  1.     Go to bed early

You wouldn’t want to wake up early without a full night’s sleep. So why not fix that by going to bed early? Aiming for an average of seven to eight hours of solid sleep will make pulling out of bed and into your sneakers much easier.

  1.     Set multiple alarms and keep your phone at a distance

Having just one alarm and your phone right beside you makes it all that much easier to turn the alarm off and sleep through your workout time. Setting multiple alarms allows you to snooze, easing a one-off rude awakening. It gives you time to meditate through your last few alarms, putting you in the right frame of mind to motivate yourself to work out. Also, having your phone at a distance means you’ll have to physically get out of bed to turn the alarm off.

  1.     Establish a routine

It takes about two weeks to make a routine into a habit. Timetabling yourself into a routine is very important in this process – determine the days you are working out, the timings of the workouts, which workout or classes you’re embarking on for those days and plan out meals you’re having on those days. Keep to schedule and with time, your routine will become part of daily grind.

  1.     Reward yourself

Having something to look forward to increases your commitment in dedicating time to a workout. Be it a sweet treat at the end of the week or a healthy post-gym snack, a reward for keeping to your workout schedule makes it easier to face the day.