How to Netflix your way to a better body

How to Netflix your way to a better body

How to Netflix your way to a better body


According to a survey conducted by Netflix, 50 per cent of couch potatoes would exercise more if they could do it while watching their favourite sitcom. Binge-watching your favourite programmes can encourage you to work out for longer and distract you from the boredom or that painful feeling of burning lungs as you sweat it out on the treadmill.

Netflix even compiled an infographic entitled Watch It While You Workout  which outlines how many calories you can potentially burn on an exercise bike, elliptical and treadmill if you walk while working out. Did you know just one 22 minute episode of Family Guy will see you work off up to 334 calories on an elliptical trainer?

If you don’t have access to a treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike, that’s okay, we have just the workout routine for you.

You’ll need a set of dumbbells and a fitness ball – you can even incorporate a skipping rope, resistance band – whatever you have handy and modify any of these workouts to suit your needs.

Workout for Orange Is The New Black binge-watchers

Start out energetically marching on the spot

  1. Every time Crazy Eyes plays with her hair do 10 jumping jacks
  2. Anytime ‘The SHU’ is mentioned do 10 squats
  3. Drop to your knees and do 10 press-ups each time there’s a flashback
  4. 10 bicep curls when Pennsatucky prays aloud
  5. Whenever you see someone naked, use your fitness ball to do 10 sit-ups

Workout for Wet Hot American Summer binge-watchers

Jog until one of the following happens

  1. Every time you someone sings or dances do 10 burpees in quick succession
  2. Whenever the camp rules are referred to drop and plank for 10 seconds
  3. Each time someone pashes, do 10 ab crunches
  4. For every new celebrity appearance commence jumping lunges
  5. Do 20 ab crunches every time you see someone wearing tight shorts

Workout for Fuller House binge-watching

Start out with full body squats and continue until:

  1. The audience claps, then immediately do 5 jumping jacks
  2. Uncle Jesse walks into the room, then drop and do 10 press up
  3. Every time there’s a group hug, then start arm circles
  4. Someone mentions Michelle, this is your cue to start 10 calf raises
  5. You heard the phrase “How Rude” then do 10 mountain climbers

Pick your favourite programme and devise your own workout. You’ll soon look forward to getting your next Netflix fix, and without realising it, you’ll be binge-watching your way to a better bod.