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How to style an Sports Luxe look


When it comes to styling an outfit I normally pick one or two key pieces. It could be an interesting color, shape, or style that captures my eye, and then build the rest of the outfit around that base. I’m so impressed with rebel’s winter range this season. I’m loving all of the black, grey, and white for your winter wardrobe. I’m also loving some really great cool prints this season including the graffiti print which has really caught my eye. Definitely something to suit every style and every taste. When it comes to styling the perfect sport luxe look it’s really all about the finishing details. Think about cinching in waste, rolling out sleeves, or playing around with different textures to add interest. I think this season we’re going to expect to see a lot more 90’s inspired street wear.

We’re going to start with this grey pair of Nike track suit pants which we just cuffed at the hem, add a little bit of interest. We have an unlaced Chuck Converse sneakers, and a sleeveless 90’s inspired vest. Now with the hood we can either leave it on or leave it off to add a little bit of interest to the outfit. Then finally to top it off we’ve got this really great statement jacket by Nike, which is really bold, and really on trend with its monochrome palette. There you have it, a really great 90’s inspired street wear look. This is my top pick for this season, this fantastic Nike grey track pants with side detailing, really makes for an interesting finish. It’s something that can easily transform from gym to street.