How well did you sleep?

How well did you sleep?


How well did you sleep?


Learn to sleep better than a baby

How many times have you heard someone say, ‘I slept like a baby last night.’?

If you actually sleep like a baby – waking up every few hours, hungry and needing the bathroom, you could be suffering from a sleep disorder. Sleep disorders are more commonplace than you make think. Did you know one in three Australian adults experience sleep disorders at some stage in their lives?

Sleep deprivation affects your energy levels, mood, memory, ability to concentrate on tasks and long term is linked to serious health issues including low self-esteem and depression. Research from the Sleep Foundation revealed the most common factors keeping you from getting a good night’s shut eye. What’s keeping you from sleep?

Environmental noise
The all-night party animals over the back fence, a restless partner, raucous housemates or living right next to a six-lane freeway can all result in sleep disturbance.

Not winding down
Working late, intense exercise, watching TV or playing games before bed keep your brain actively engaged and in a wakeful state, making it harder to relax at lights out.

Alcohol and Caffeine
Contrary to popular belief that a few drinks will help you relax, alcohol is a stimulant and like caffeine, can disrupt the body’s natural sleep patterns.

Rest easy in the fact that the key to eliminating health-related problems due to sleep disorders is to:

  • Develop a regular routine before bed
  • Aim to go to sleep and set the alarm for the same time each day, even in the weekends
  • Banish electronics and watching TV in the bedroom
  • Cut back on your caffeine and alcohol
  • Purchase earplugs to eliminate noises like 2.00am toilet flushes and snoring partners
  • Check your room temperature. The suggested ideal temperatures conducive to an uninterrupted night’s sleep is 18.5 degrees C.

By applying these simple suggestions your answer to “how did you sleep?” will soon be “better than a baby”.