6 Exercises to get your through a break up

6 Exercises to get your through a break up

6 Exercises to get your through a break up


Heartbroken? Instead turning to ice cream, watching the Notebook again and belting out  Sinead O’ Connor’s ‘Nothing compares to you‘ at the top of your lungs, exercise your way through your grief. The best way to make your ex regret letting you go, is to look super hot. Channel your energy into getting a revenge body.

It’s completely natural to feel anger and resentment after a relationship breakdowns. As tempting as it is to plan your ex’s ultimate demise, try boxing. Group fitness classes like box-fit and body combat will leave you feeling empowered. Alternatively, buy a punching bag and boxing gloves so you can kick and punch to your heart’s content at home. You’ll be surprised how therapeutic it feels.

Running is great for those moments when you just want to be alone and put distance between you and all the drama. Make a playlist of girl power songs such as ‘Shout out to my ex‘ and ‘I will survive’, lace up your a comfortable pair of running shoes and hit the pavement. It’s just you and the open road. Once you’re alone, don’t be afraid to scream out loud or cry – get it all off your chest.

Yoga has more benefits than sculpting the perfect revenge body. It can clear the mind, centre your thoughts and help you feel grounded, despite the roller coaster of emotions you will be experiencing.

With the hip shaking, pelvis rolling saucy inspired workout Zumba, you won’t be able to help but feel a bit sexy. Belly dancing is an excellent way to work out your core muscles. However if that’s not a spicy enough workout, you could try chair dancing or pole dancing for fitness, the slow deliberate squat movements will tone and tighten.

No matter what exercise you choose, the most important factor is you’re not wallowing at home in self-pity.  Add in a shopping spree at rebel for some hot new activewear, and you should eventually begin to feel like your normal self again.