How to motivate your spouse to shape up

How to motivate your spouse to shape up


How to motivate your spouse to shape up


The love handles are slowly drooping and you’re sure it’s been years since your spouse has been to see their toes. With the New Year just around the corner, now’s the time to ensure you and your partner have a long and healthy life ahead of you. Make sure 2017 is the healthiest year yet, with these tips to help motivate your spouse to get off the couch.

Have a daily step challenge
For Christmas, purchase matching Fitbits and have a race as to who can do the most steps. The person who doesn’t meet their daily 10,000 step quota is assigned to chores like taking out the garbage, doing the dishes and cooking dinner. Play on the competitive nature usually shared by couples.

Plan an active date
Turn your date nights into an activity where you will burn calories. For example, go for a walk around the city before choosing a healthy option for dinner, play tennis, go swimming or ride bikes.

Set up a home gym
All you need is a few freestanding weights and a swiss ball to start off with and you can add extra weight machines or cardio equipment and you can afford it. If your spouse can see you working out, it could be inspiration to join you working out.

Make it about health, not weight
Encourage your partner to exercise because you love them and want to have a long and happy life with them, rather than point out their muffin top and bulges are a turn-off.

Find activities that don’t seem like a workout
Get a group together to and have a game of backyard cricket or bat down, go for a walk, try kayaking, or learn how to salsa.

Cook healthy meals
Try to steer your spouse away from processed foods and experiment with healthy recipes. This can be hard if they are fussy, but you can always incorporate extra vegetables disguising them into spaghetti bolognaise, or casseroles.

Use scare tactics
If none of the above techniques work, scare your partner with the latest statistics on heart disease and diabetes. The thought of not being around to see kids grow up or losing you to a younger, fitter, healthier specimen might be just the thing to get them moving.

Resort to bribery
Use sentences like “If you go for a walk with me, I’ll do…..for you!” Rewarding your spouse for their efforts could be the ticket to a healthier lifestyle.

Everyone has something that will motivate them, you just need to find out what it is.