How you can learn to love working out

How you can learn to love working out

How you can learn to love working out


If you idea of exercising is hunting for the remote control, recent studies by the University of Michigan have concluded you can learn to love working out.

Even if you are a die-hard couch potato or a busy mum who just can’t seem the time to hit the gym, let alone manage to take a shower or brush her hair without being hounded by your children, you can learn to enjoy exercise. Yes, even if you absolutely hated Physical Education at school.

It is believed the mere thought of exercising needing to be physically draining and high intensity for 30 minutes solid, is enough to scare off most exercise-phobics.

Michelle Segar, director of the University of Michigan’s Sport, Health, and Activity Research and Policy Center, said the study found most people want to relax and decompress during their spare time, not subject themselves to hot and sweaty, grueling workouts.

Segar believes people need to be re-educated to think of exercise as any movement that makes them feel good and re-energized. It doesn’t necessary mean going hell for leather until you’re purple in the face and struggling to breathe.

Instead of pounding the pavement or pumping iron in a sweaty gym, there are plenty of more enjoyable ways to get a workout.

  1. Visit Wet n Wild
    How can a water park be considered exercising? Uh, have you seen how many steps it is to get to the top of some of those slides. Walking up the slides and around the park is a workout in itself. Not to mention, if you have kids, it’s bound to keep them entertained.There are two water parks on the east coast of Australia–one on the Gold Coast and one in Sydney.
  2. Walk your dog
    Whether it’s around your local neighbourhood or a dog park, spending quality time with man’s best friend playing chase will both wear you out and burn calories.
  3. Geocaching
    If you’ve never heard of the worldwide treasure hunt, you’ve been hiding under a rock–just like some of the treasures you can find via GPS. Most geocaches (the hidden treasures) will lead you on exciting walks off the beaten track. You’ll forget your even working out.
  4. Dancing
    Turn off the TV and turn up your favourites on Spotify. Boogie and sing your heart out while doing housework. Not only is it fun, you’ll get to shake and shimmy your booty off.
  5. Play motion control video games
    Whether it’s Wii, Kinect or Playstation with the eye toy, motion controller games will have you running, ducking or even dancing–and before you even know it, you’ll be working out and having fun.
  6. Head to the beach
    Play chase with the kids, run in and out of the waves or walk for miles and let the sea breeze blow away all the cobwebs.