Put your Christmas haul to good use

Put your Christmas haul to good use

Put your Christmas haul to good use


The silly season has just passed and you’re now asset richer with a whole loot of Christmas gifts from your family and friends. Some of these may include wearable devices, new gear, or even sporting products. But how should you make the most out of them?


When it comes to bodyboarding, the devil lies in the detail. Every move counts when riding a wave and there’s no other way to maximise the use of your bodyboard but to keep training with it.

Know the details of your board (what the channels, bumpers, rail, nose and tail are) and use all parts of it for various bodyboarding moves. Master the techniques, and stay fit for the skill – stretch your lower back, hamstrings, calves, shoulders and quads daily – otherwise, you won’t be using it to your full potential.

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Bicycles bring you on two-wheeled adventures, but instead of using them on occasional leisurely rides, try using them on a more regular basis. If your workplace or school is of reasonably close commute, why not make the most of your bicycle and cycle there and back everyday?

It beats being stuck in traffic, plus you get your daily workout done whilst travelling to and fro. Done vigorously, cycling gives your circulatory system a workout burn of more than 500 calories per hour.

But remember – safety always come first, so be sure to wear a helmet and guards, go bright when in low light, wear appropriate clothing and be traffic savvy.

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Wrist-only heart rate monitors and watches

Fitness isn’t just about your exercise but also the intensity of your exercise. The creation of wearable devices for sport, aka heart rate monitors and watches has changed the way that people work out, providing us with real-time information to skew our workouts accordingly.

Wrist-only heart rate monitors and watches do almost anything imaginable these days. To put yours to good use, the first step is to determine your heart rate target zones by keying in your age and fitness goals. It then lets you pre-program your heart rate monitor for a variety of workouts that are specifically designed for you.

They also have a digital interface that lets you connect your device to your home computer or smartphone, enabling you to download your training statistics for analysis, storage, or sharing.

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Scooters have become very popular amongst kids. These speedy scooters are great for cutting down walking time by half, or even more.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of a scooter, you can level up by learning a few tricks, such as the 180 (jumping and spinning to face the opposite direction) or the nollie (hopping off your front wheel), which works out a variety of your muscles.

Done correctly, scooting could give you a better workout than jogging or cycling. But don’t forget to alternate your left and right stepping leg and again, safety is important so remember to wear safety gear.

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