Retro schoolyard games you can teach your kids

Retro schoolyard games you can teach your kids

Retro schoolyard games you can teach your kids


Budget school holiday ideas

Retro schoolyard games are budget-friendly way to get your kids off the electronics and outside these school holidays. Here’s a few games to drag you down memory lane and a reminder of the rules.

Kick the stone
Players: For two players or more
Equipment: A fist-sized stone (alternatively you can use a shoe or a chalkboard duster) and pavement chalk
How to play: Draw big even squares on a concrete area or paved driveway, one for every player. In the middle of the square draw a circle around each players’ feet. This circle is your safe zone and one foot must stay within the circle at all times. The idea is to kick the stone (or shoe, or duster) within the square, but making it as difficult as possible for the other person to return using just one foot. No hands are allowed to touch the stone. If a player is unable to return the stone, points are awarded to the other players.

Four square
Players: For four players or more
Equipment: Basketball, pavement chalk
How to play: Draw up four even squares on a flat concrete area or driveway. Number the squares one to three and in the fourth square draw a K. This stands for kings and is the top spot. The player in kings must serve the ball to any player by bouncing it in their own square before patting it with both hands. Before a player returns to the ball to any player of their choice, the ball must be allowed to bounce before patting it back. If any player doesn’t allow the ball to bounce in their square before passing it on, they are out and must move to square one. To make things more interesting, the player in kings is allowed to introduce some of their own rules. For example; Hot potato mode, the ball becomes too hot to handle so gameplay must be fast and furious.

Hospital tiggy
Players: For four players or more. The more the better.
Equipment: None
How to play: A quick game of ‘Scissor, paper, rock’ can decide who is ‘it’. It being the person who has to chase the other players. Players scatter while the chaser attempts to tag a person on a part of their body. Once tagged that person becomes it, but must hold the spot they were tagged on while pursuing the other players. For example; a player who is tagged on the ankle must hold their ankle with one hand while in pursuit.

Players: Four players or more.
Equipment: Tennis ball and a large open area (local school playground or a tennis court)
How to play: Just like tiggy except this time players use a tennis ball to tag players. The ball must hit below the knee. Sometimes the impact of the tennis ball may leave red marks on legs which is where the name brand originates from.