School holiday fun to get your kids moving

School holiday fun to get your kids moving


School holiday fun to get your kids moving


Racking your brain for ideas on how to keep the kids entertained these school holidays? Look no further. We’ve come to the rescue with fun activities to put a stop to the complaints about being bored.

Uno workout
Turn playing Uno into a fitness routine. For every blue card that’s place face up on the discard pile, the player must do 10 jumping jacks. Play a wild card, everyone does jumping jacks. Jot down a list of easy exercises for kids and assign them to a card. Anyone who forgets to do their exercise must do a lap of the house before commencing play.

Simon says
Simon says drop and give me five press ups. Simon says touch your toes five times. Get creative and turn Simon says into a fitness workout.

Backyard Survivor challenge
Transform your yard into an obstacle challenge, just like Survivor Australia. Invent sand bag throwing, balance, endurance and eating challenges. You could even make buffs out of old sheets.

Icy pole stick workout
Purchase icy pole sticks from Spotlight or a local craft store, paint them a variety of colours. On each one, write a different exercise. Put them into a cup and ask your children to take a variety of coloured icy pole sticks for a surprise workout.

Frisbee golf
For this you’ll need a several hula hoops and a Frisbee. This is best played at a local park, but a decent size backyard will suffice.  Scatter the hula hoops a fair distance apart. Players take turn to toss the Frisbee to attempt to land it in the centre of a hula hoop. Every toss towards the hoop counts as a hit and lowest score wins. You can make it more challenging by letting other players try to intercept the Frisbee before it touches down.

Holiday Olympics
Plan a series of fun challenges throughout the holidays like running races, swimming races, sack races, long jump and at the end of the holidays organise a medal ceremony.

Hold wrestling tournaments in the backyard is a great idea for the kids who have excess energy to burn off. This must be supervised by an adult to prevent any foul play.

Run a boot camp
Get the kids out of bed at the crack of dawn and outside doing star jumps, sprints and burpees before whipping up a healthy breakfast of fruit smoothies.