Take your workout outdoors this Earth Day

Take your workout outdoors this Earth Day

Take your workout outdoors this Earth Day


Earth Day may be all about volunteering and saving the Earth, but it’s also to do with taking a moment or two out of our lives to enjoy the beauty of nature. What better way to appreciate nature than to take your workout outdoors?

Here are 4 ways you can squeeze in a bit of activity outdoors, possibly do your bit for the environment and celebrate the planet.

Pick a national park and hike!

With plenty of national parks scattered across Australia, there’s no excuse why you can’t pick out the nearest and go for a hike. Their rocky terrains and steep inclines will surely get your hearts pumping and mimic the workout you usually get on your treadmills. You can also help the environment by bringing along a trash bag and picking up litter on your trail.

If walks/hikes aren’t your thing, bring along your bike and go for a cycle. You can also take advantage of some of nature’s natural obstacles for bodyweight exercises and use low branches for pull-ups and boulders for step-ups; the options are endless!

For the best experience, don’t forget to pack some snacks, water, sunscreen and insect repellent.

Rock climb, the natural way

More and more people are picking up rock climbing as a workout, scaling the walls of many indoor climbing centres. So why not try the traditional form of it? Australia is home to sandstone walls and boulders and climbing them will quench your thirst for adventure – this is definitely not for the faint hearted!

But we can’t stress enough that safety is paramount when it comes to this sport. If you’re an amateur, join groups that have experience taking people off on such adventures and if you’ve done this before, ensure that you have the appropriate gear and shoes for it.

Stand-up paddleboard and be one with the sea

Before the wrath of winter hits, make the most out of the last of the warmer days and hit the waters with a stand-up paddleboard. With most of Australian cities populated near pristine coastal waters, there’s no lack of choice when it comes to stand-up paddling. Choose calmer waters in rivers or accept the challenge to catch a wave in more challenging ocean spots.  

As it requires you to stand upright on the board, it improves your balance, leg strength, and core stability. It is also a low-impact exercise and works almost every muscle in your body at some point, giving you a full body workout.

Welcome sunrise with yoga

Most yoga is usually done inside a studio, but it can be more enjoyable if it’s done outdoors. Pick a naturesque, scenic spot early in the morning, connect with mother earth and your inner self and get on your downward dog pose.

Experts say practicing yoga in natural environments can result in better levels of relaxation and give you the calm you need to take on the challenges of the day.