6 Summer time myths BUSTED

6 Summer time myths BUSTED


6 Summer time myths BUSTED


As the weather gets warmer and summer is a matter of months away, we thought we’d shatter some of the old wives tales and myths you may have heard as a child.

Myth: You can’t swim for half an hour after eating.

False. For fear of ending up getting stomach cramps and drowning in the deep end, many a sweaty and hot child has impatiently has groaned and bitterly complained, watching the second hand of the clock. It has been suggested this myth was a cleverly concocted ploy by parents to have a rest prior to being back on lifeguard duty at the pool. With bombing and diving into the swimming pool, there may be some slight discomfort if you do it on a full stomach, however it’s unlikely to be cause drowning.

Myth: A swim in the sea will help heal cuts and wounds

False. While salt water is supposed to be healing, if you have open wounds or cuts and swim in the ocean,  you may find bacteria results in an infection. Cover any nicks or cuts with a bandage and wash off with fresh water or saline after you get out of the water.

Myth: If you swallow watermelon seeds,  you will grow one in your stomach

False. This timely warning has spanned generations. However did you know it’s safe to eat the entire watermelon, even the rind and pips.

Myth: Sports drinks are essential after every workout during summer

False. To re-hydrate .after a 30-60 minute workout when it’s hot outside, water is generally all you need to get your fluids back up.  For longer workouts, an electrolyte drink is recommended.

Myth: Humidity won’t affect your workout performance

False. When the mercury rises and the humidity is thick in the air,  your body does not cool itself as efficiently as the air is full of moisture therefore making it more difficult for sweat to evaporate and your body temperature remains at a raised rate. As a result, working out during humid conditions can make you feel sluggish and unable to compete at your optimal level.

Myth: Sunburn is soothed by applying butter to your skin

False. Using Nana’s tried and tested remedy sunburn cure, could see you developing a skin infection. Aloe Vera is great for soothing painful sunburn or talk to your GP or local pharmacist for assistance. The best way to avoid sunburn is to cover up and use active wear with UV resistant fabric.