3 simple facts about weight loss I bet you didn’t know!

3 simple facts about weight loss I bet you didn’t know!

3 simple facts about weight loss I bet you didn’t know!


With more and more people on social media pumping out information about weight loss, even I get lost in the sea of advice. The problem is, not everyone has an education in weight loss and maybe it’s from their own experience that they are trying to educate you from, but it’s not always the right advice.

Here are 3 simple truths about weight loss that you probably didn’t know:

  1. Water Weight is real. Have you ever started a weight loss program and you know you have been great, but a few weeks in you notice that your clothes are looser but the scales haven’t budged?

FACT: As your body releases the fat molecule into the blood stream, the fat cell replaces it with water to maintain its size and integrity until it realises that the fat cell isn’t required. Thus one morning you wake up and BOOM you are 2-3 kilos lighter after weeks of hard work.

  1. You love that first week weight drop, but why can you keep loosing the same weight every week?

FACT: That initial weight drop on the scales is not going to be fat. Sorry to disappoint you! The truth is that your body is burning up all the energy in your petrol tanks. That’s right, your muscles and liver hold energy ready for use, especially if your diet has been a little higher in calories than it should be. So, after that first week, you just depleted your stored energy which has a weight value. Then it takes from 5-10 days to properly start releasing body fat for energy especially if you are now in a calorie deficit.

  1. Carbs and water are very good friends. They love to hang out together.

FACT: Ever wondered why that night you fell off the wagon and ate all that yummy bad stuff, then weighed yourself the next morning and you magically put on 2kgs? You throw your arms up in the air and say “I GIVE UP”. Well firstly, there is no way you can put fat on or store fat over night. What happened is you “carb loaded”, so all your petrol tanks were full, your muscle and liver are full of energy, and to top it off it drags extra water in there with it. Each gram of glycogen (carbs) binds with 3-4 grams of water. So you can see how easy it is to put 2kgs on over night and all you did was eat a pizza and some garlic bread. Then over the next week when you are back into routine you lose that 2kg because it was all just stored energy not actually fat.

My advice when it comes to weight loss is to do your own research, don’t just listen to commercials selling fast fixes for weight loss. The real truth is, you need a health diet that is in slight calorie deficit and you need to combine that with regular daily exercise. It doesn’t have to be a boot camp, or heavy lifting, keep it simple like a 30 min walk on a treadmill, 45 minutes on an exercise bike or even a simple HIIT session on a rower in front of the TV. Weight loss is actually really simple, comes down to routine and consistency.

If you are ready to lose weight my advice is to choose something that you can do at home and make it easy to keep it regular