10 Tips to tackle Christmas party temptations

10 Tips to tackle Christmas party temptations


10 Tips to tackle Christmas party temptations


With so many parties and social events during this time of year it can be easy to let your food and exercise routine slip a little and the kilos seem to slowly creep on. So how does a nutritionist get through this time of year and maintain their weight? Read on to find out the top secrets to resisting all the temptation when you go out

Tip 1: Eat First

Have a nutritious snack before arriving to the party. This will ensure you are not starving on arrival and can better control how much food you eat.

Tip 2: Drink plenty of water during the day

Research has shown it is common to mistake thirst with hunger which can also prompt you to eat more than your need to. Maintain hydration rather than quenching your thirst on alcohol, this will also save your head the next morning

Tip 3: Count your drinks

Finish one drink completely before starting the next one or get topped up. Alcohol has plenty of calories.

Tip 4: The more ice the better

Drink from a tall glass if you are choosing spirits e.g. vodka soda, and have plenty of ice too. To prevent drinking your calories, top up your existing drink with ice or water.

Tip 5: Drink water between drinks

Water between drinks can certainly help slow the  down the number of alcoholic beverages you consume, save calories, and prevent that nasty hangover the day after.

Tip 6: Be selective

It is ok to enjoy the canapés/buffet! And don’t restrict yourself too much, as this has been shown to lead to over eating later. However, only eat what is really worth it. Pick the best three or four options and have a small amount only.

Tip 7: Strategic positioning

Research shows the more time you spend around tempting food, the less likely you are to be able to resist it. Turn yourself away from food, stand towards the back end of the room, furthest from the kitchen to help avoid the temptation rather than struggling all night the resist it (Let’s face it, all willpower has its limits)

Tip 8: Portion size

If dining out, select an entrée size of main, or share a main or even skip entrée altogether to help portion control and moderate how much you eat.

Tip 9: Don’t forget the greens

Order salad or green sides. As a population, we don’t eat enough vegetables. Fill up on these to help reduce your portion of rich protein and starchy foods.

Tip 10: Moderate alcohol

If you social calendar is full of events. Pick one event a week that you will allow yourself to drink at, otherwise offer to be the designated driver.