5 Foods that aren’t necessarily as healthy as you think

5 Foods that aren’t necessarily as healthy as you think


5 Foods that aren’t necessarily as healthy as you think


You think you’re choosing a healthy option, but here are some foods that aren’t as nutritious for your body as you may have first thought.

Vegetable or Tomato Soup
It’s fast, convenient and it tastes great. Some labels even promote soups as being 99% fat free, so it’s got to be good for you right? Wrong. Some can of soup are so high in sodium you might as well eat a packet of potato chips, and that outweighs any benefits of the vegetables you are consuming. Too much sodium causes high blood pressure.

Rice Cakes
Often thought as a healthy alternative, despite tasting like cardboard, rice cakes are  considered a great alternative to bread. These snacks rate exceptionally high on the Glycemic Index (almost pure glucose). Just one is enough to boost your blood sugar. Ditch the rice cakes and replace them with fruit or sandwich thins.

Microwave popcorn
If you’ve been an avid dieter, no doubt you would have seen many a diet plan that suggest popcorn as a healthy mid-afternoon snack that will keep you satiated. These plans are talking about air-popped popcorn, not microwaved from a bag you’ve purchased at the supermarket. Aside from the large amounts of sodium and chemicals that gives microwaved popcorn flavour, the packaging is coated with the same stuff they use in Teflon. And that’s not really designed to be ingested.

Flavoured porridge sachets
No say it isn’t true! Easy and delicious, it’s almost impossible to believe these could be unhealthy. Of course they are a better option than some of the sugar laden cereal which line the supermarket shelves, however they do have hidden salts and sugars. You’d be much better off using plain oats, and adding flavour with cinnamon or fresh fruit.

Trail mix
Nuts are healthy, but only if they’re not roasted and salted. Some trail mixes include chunks of chocolate, chocolate buttons or even smarties. You might as well be eating a bag of lollies for all the good it’s doing you. If you can’t make it through the day without grazing, try making your very own trail mix using raw nuts, grains and seeds.