Mario Gotze’s energy-boosting diet

Mario Gotze’s energy-boosting diet

Mario Gotze’s energy-boosting diet


Everyone that plays sport knows that first training session or game back in pre-season is the hardest.  In Football, there is that point around 60-minute mark when you feel like you have given all that you’ve got!  You may be surprised to hear that you can eat yourself fit. FourFourTwo heard this and thought we’d search world football to find out how you can fuel yourself to work from start to finish with diet tips from Germany’s creator-in-chief, Mario Gotze.

“As a creative player I need to make sure I’m lightweight and full of energy. Diet is an important part of the professional game. Growing up as a young footballer, I have always been really aware of what I eat and drink. I eat a lot of fresh fruit and fish. Keeping hydrated is also important.”

“A healthy and balanced diet helps me stay physically and mentally fit, which of course reflects in my performances on the pitch. I usually have a meal three hours prior to kick-off – something high in carbohydrates, with a bit of protein and low in fat. This helps to provide the fuel I need without causing too much digestive discomfort.”

“I drink water with my meal to help digestion and keep me hydrated before kick-off.  I sometimes have an isotonic sports drink an hour before kick-off, to keep my blood sugar high so I can maintain high intensity and don’t feel tired.”

Diet and fitness is very important as it allows you to maximise your physical and technical potential.”

Mario Gotze wears the Nike Magista boot, featuring a Dynamic Fit collar silhouette and Nike Flyknit technology for unprecedented fit, feel and control.