New Year, New You, New Pantry

New Year, New You, New Pantry

New Year, New You, New Pantry


A new year is often time for a fresh start – out with the old and in with the new. It’s time new goals for the year ahead, so we can aim to be at our best in 2017. I recently a post entitled ‘How to avoid failing at New Year’s Resolutions’- a great, full of advice on setting specific and measurable goals rather than sweeping statements like I will magically lose weight.

If you are setting nutrition goals, rather than stating that you want to be healthier next year, closely examine your diet.  What is lacking? What are you eating too much of? Are you meeting your recommended vegetable serves? Perhaps sneaky desserts at night your pitfall?

Upping your vegetable intake is a good place to start. Only seven per cent of Australians actually meet the recommended five serves per day. Start small with at least three serves of vegetables with your evening meal at least three times a week. You can increase the amount from there by including some at lunch. Also aim to increase the variety of vegetables to maximise nutrient intake.

Keep the house stocked with nutritious foods and less of the things you don’t really need. Also set aside an hour each week for food planning and sticking to your list while shopping is going to be a huge help in achieving your goal.

I chose this topic as I was surprised by the number of clients who have asked me for a pantry or food list so they can restock with more suitable to helping themselves achieve their food goal.

I’m Kate Bennett (actually newly Kate Jones), an accredited practicing Dietitian in Sydney and I’ve been writing nutrition related blogs for quite a while. I work as a dietitian in hospitals and private practice in Sydney and also enjoy making up my own recipes!

This year I’d love to hear from you and what kind of posts you would like to see on the blog! I’m passionate about nutrition, health and want to share my knowledge! I plan to share with you how food help improve the body and sports performance, and how food can help prevent, manage and treat different illnesses and diseases. I will share tips on how to making eating well easier and of course, share recipes.

Happy new year, here’s to a fresh new start.