5 Ways to make running more fun

5 Ways to make running more fun

5 Ways to make running more fun


You’ve tried everything to keep your running routine interesting – snazzy running gear, new shoes, a motivational playlist and a change of scenery. If you’re still struggling to find running mojo, it’s time to switch the dial up on the fun factor and try these great ways to make running more entertaining.

Go running with dogs
Take your pet pooch with you to pound the pavement. If you don’t have a dog, surely your neighbours won’t mind if you dognap borrow their puppy for a run around a nearby park. You can take turns chasing a Frisbee, trying to outrun a dog will give you a great workout.

Run like you’re being chased
Use your imagination to pretend you’re being stalked or a fugitive escaping the FBI. Sprint through the city, dash across roads and dive up alleys like you’re on the run.

Free running
Free running also known as Parkour is a combination of running with leaps, rolls and dives.
Think of it like completing an obstacle course with a degree of style. It can be dangerous, particularly for beginners, so start out small with bounding over small fences or leaping upstairs. It’s also a good idea to join a class so you can learn the proper way to execute moves.

Pick a fun event like a colour run, a mud run or a triathlon and register. You can also enlist a group of your closest friends to compete. Up the stakes with a bet, person with the slowest time shouts dinner at the restaurant of your choice.

Try Fartleks
It’s the kind of word that makes you want to giggle inappropriately, but it’s actually Swedish for speed play. Basically you make a game of running. Set off at a comfortable pace and set yourself sprint markers. For example, sprint until you see a police car or a person riding a bicycle.