7 Reason why hill running is better than road running

7 Reason why hill running is better than road running


7 Reason why hill running is better than road running


Bored with your usual routine of pounding the asphalt? Yes, it’s true, road running can be dull with nothing but the same old scenery. When your favourite playlist no longer motivates you, what should you do? Easy—switch the road for off-road tracks.

Hill running is always more fun than road running and here’s why:

It’s more refreshing
Darting under tree canopies and through grassy inclines is more refreshing than plodding along black asphalt which attracts the sun and just makes you feel hotter and sweatier.

No one for miles
Unless you take a running buddy, you can go off-road and not see a soul. This way you can sing at the top of your lungs, or scream and yell to make yourself try that little bit harder when you’re ready to lie down and give up. With no one to see you, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a pyjama top and a mismatche

You can breathe fresh air
There’s nothing like fresh country air away from choking on the exhaust fumes of passing cars.

The terrain is gentler on your joints
Running on asphalt can be quite jarring on your joints. The softer terrain will mean a shorter recovery time.

It’s exciting
Even if you find yourself heading for the same running spot, when you’re running cross country you never know what’s around the corner. Of course, in Australia there’s the wildlife, bird species you may have never noticed, maybe even the odd snake. Nothing like coming across a reptile to help you increase your pace.

The views are breathtaking
Take your smartphone with you as if you’re hill running, you’re bound to discover spectacular vistas other’s rarely come across. Check in on Facebook and post your pictures to Instagram to wow your friends.

Get toned calf muscles
While climbing those hills at pace, your lower legs will get the workout of their lives. It’s a sure-fire way to get toned, sexy calf muscles.

You’ll get faster
If you can run hills, going back to running on flat will seem easier and less demanding and therefore you’ll be able to pick up your pace and run faster.

Before you take to the hills, don’t forget to ensure you have a good pair of footwear with traction.