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An introduction to half marathon training


Hi guys,. I’m Ben Lucas, your Rebel Insider for running.

Together with a team from Rebel, I’ve put together a 12 week run program to help get you over the line on race day. Whether you’re training for a full marathon, half marathon, or a fun run, the principles remain all the same. It’s all about ramping up your training to prepare you for those longer distances.

We all know running’s great for the heart, but did you also know it helps reduce depression and anxiety by releasing endorphins into the brain? It really is one of the best things for keeping you healthy on the inside and out.

Marathons and races are not only great fun on the day, but they’re an excellent motivator. Having that date locked in gives you something to work towards, and something to structure your training around, especially if you’re training with a mate. For a full list of races, runs, and events, check out our running calendar on our Rebel Insider blog, and get stuck in.