City2Surf warm-up techniques

City2Surf warm-up techniques

City2Surf warm-up techniques


While it’s always important to warm up prior to a run, it’s especially important for City2Surf. The morning is most likely going to be a cold one given it’s on the 14 August, and coming out of the gate too quickly without being warm may be a recipe for injury. No one wants that!

A good warm up will give your muscles, joints and bones the chance to loosen up. It will also help to gradually bring your heart rate up which will in turn make it easier for you to get into a good rhythm when you set off on your run.

Prior to running, you want to focus on dynamic exercises as static exercises may actually do more harm than good and may stretch the muscle too much, especially if you are starting out cold.

Here are some of the best exercises to warm up with:

Walking  is simple, yet good way to start to get the blood flowing to the muscles.

I suggest walking around for five minutes. Shake everything out as you do it and feel free to speed up your pace  to help you get warm faster and get the blood flowing through the muscles.

Dynamic Exercises
Once you have finished your walk, try a few of the following exercises.

Zombie Walks
Take a step forward with your left leg, then kick your right leg out to about hip height. Get your left arm to swing and try to tap the foot. This will help you warm up your legs, hips, arms and core if you include a bit of a twist in it. Alternate legs and arms after each step.

Walking Lunges
You don’t need to go deep into the lunges, but doing some light walking lunges are a great way to activate your leg muscles and your core (for balance). Do quick movements as the objective is to get your muscles warm, not to stretch them out.

Side shuttles
Side shuffle to the right and the left. Do this exercise quickly to help keep you warm.

If you can be bothered bringing a skipping rope with you, skipping is an excellent way to get you warm quickly before the race!

Butt Kicks
Simply go into a light jog and kick your heel to your butt as you do so.

High Knees
Do this one quickly with light quick steps. As you run forward, try to get your knees up high, preferably 90 degrees or higher.
If you are not doing it already, start incorporating these exercises prior to each training session to get your body familiar with them.