Eloise Wellings: How to fuel up while running

Eloise Wellings: How to fuel up while running

Eloise Wellings: How to fuel up while running


Australian long-distance star, Eloise Wellings has been running competitively for most of her life. Over the years has developed a sound knowledge of what fuels to take on board prior to training and more importantly, ahead of a big event.

“I started running when I was five,” the Aussie Olympian, world champs competitor and Commonwealth Games star shares. “My mum was a runner and I used to go with her on the trails in the National Park near our home.

“The great Irish Olympic silver-medallist, Sonia O’Sullivan became my hero when I watched her run at the Barcelona Olympics. I was ten years old and I was in awe. She was incredibly strong and stunning to watch. Her husband Nic became my coach 15 years ago and we’ve enjoyed a great journey together in my career.”

Wellings, who competed at the 2017 world athletics championships recently, has a favourite piece of advice for people thinking about getting into running – but who ultimately don’t think they’ll be suited to it.

“Running is hard, there is no doubt,” she said, “but the more you do it, the easier it gets. My best advice is to start out slow and gently progress. Make a fun run goal to stay motivated and get on top of your nutrition.

“A mix of both low-GI carbs and protein is important. I like to make sure I eat every three hours, stay hydrated with plenty of water and electrolytes, and replenish my body with some protein within 30 minutes of finishing each of my workouts.

“I also rely on Ubiquinol [the active form of CoQ10] daily for both reducing muscle inflammation and maintaining my energy levels after training. It also helps to combat oxidative stress, which can be common with over-exercising.”