Fun run etiquette for beginners

Fun run etiquette for beginners

Fun run etiquette for beginners


When there’s more than 80,000 runners of varying degrees of experience all bunched up on the start line, like at the City2Surf there’s bound to be those who don’t understand the proper etiquette of fun runs. Believe it or not, there are unwritten rules you should make yourself aware of.

Patience is the key

For fun runs, such as the City2Surf, remember there are 80,000+ people all lined up that are just as excited and nervous as you are. A moment’s inattention could ruin the race. Be sure not to jostle other runners or stop to tie your laces and pay careful attention to the others around you. If you fall at this stage of the race you’re likely to be trampled or see your fellow competitors go down like skittles. Watch out for discarded items on the road, and keep moving with the flow. Remember patience is key.

Watch where you spit

There’s nothing to churn your stomach like seeing a fellow competitor hack like a cat with a furball, then spit just as the breeze sends its spraying all over your shoes. With all the fresh air loosening up your chest, a good old fashioned loogie is sometimes unavoidable. Perhaps you’ve swigged some water, but need to expel it– fast.  Make sure you move to the side of the course, check for other runners and spectators and aim away from people before you spit.

Selfie at the sideline

In a social media driven world, undoubtedly you’ll want to capture moments with a selfie or two, but make sure your weave your way to the sideline before stopping. With so many runners, it’s considered poor form to just stop and make others dodge you, while you make sure you capture the best angle and light for an Instagram worthy photo.

No loitering

Avoid causing congestion at water stations by grabbing your cup and moving to the sidelines if you plan on slowing down.

Encourage fellow runners

Keep the utterances of words that would make a sailor blush to yourself, especially if you get overtaken by a faster runner. If you are too puffed to mutter ‘Keep up the good work,’ there’s no harm in giving an emoji thumbs up.

Don’t hover at the finish line

The finish line is always packed with runners. Avoid the temptation to lie down on the pavement waiting for someone to carry you to the post-race snacks, once you cross that line. With so many runners, unless you want to be trampled, keep moving. For medical assistance attract the attention of an official race volunteer, and they can ensure you get the help you need.