How choosing the right running shoe can save seconds off your PB 

How choosing the right running shoe can save seconds off your PB 

How choosing the right running shoe can save seconds off your PB 


The desire for speed never goes away. When it comes to enhancing your performance and allowing yourself the right support to become faster, the correct shoe is everything.

Today, runners benefit from the latest technology helping them to log mile after mile in a shoe that delivers on their most sought after expectation – speed –  from training through to race day.

Your running shoe is the foundation to your running success and choosing the best ‘partner’ to match your goal is key. When that goal is speed, you can bet there is a particular type of running shoe you need to be looking for.

Follow these tips for finding the right ones and those seconds will begin to drop off…

Make sure the outsole is completely flat
A flat outsole ensures full ground contact. This means the foot will be more stable upon ground contact and you’ll be able to continue running at speed while keeping the stride completely stable.

Look for lighter but stronger materials
Shoes built for speed are often engineered using knit mesh for a truly lightweight feel and snug fit. The latest New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3 has utilised different thread patterns to previous models, creating their lightest yet strongest fit yet.

Data driven design
The most important development in the evolution of running shoes is applying actual running data to the design of a new shoe. With the fast-paced consumer in mind, a midsole developed to propel you forward while providing a smooth transition from heel to toe could be the difference in beating your PB or not. The Fresh Foam Zante v3 has done exactly that – allowing you to run, safe in the knowledge that you can rely on the shoe to continue propelling you forward.

Make sure you are taking full advantage of the advanced technology applied to even an everyday running shoe and you’ll absolutely enjoy the benefits. Whether it’s on the track or in the gym, the right shoe will help shave seconds off your time or add reps to your HIIT session getting the more out of each workout.

The New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3 offers the latest in running technology. With its bootie construction offering a snug fit, and lightweight solid rubber outsole providing durable cushioning, it is designed with a speedy, fast paced runner in mind.