How to avoid the dreaded runners chafe

How to avoid the dreaded runners chafe

How to avoid the dreaded runners chafe


Banish chafing forever

Anyone who’s experienced chafing before knows the pain is similar to being bitten by several hundred fire ants between your thighs. Chafing is not just restricted to the area between your legs, it can occur anywhere there is skin-to-skin contact or flesh exposed to clothing. Constant friction combined with sweat, humidity or excessive dryness triggers the skin to break, blister or a burning rash – the result, rubbed-raw skin susceptible to infection.

Most commonly, male runners will experience chafing around or under their arms, nipples or crotch, while female runners are more prone to thigh or breast chafing, or where the sports bra meets the skin, and under the arms.

The good news is chafing doesn’t have to slow you down. Wearing running gear made from moisture wicking fabric can help prevent the irritating rubbing. The technologically designed wicking fabric traps sweat away from the skin and reduces grazed skin.

Ladies, properly fitted sports bras will reduce movement and rubbing.  Anti-chafing powder or an anti-friction lubricant will provide further protection from skin problems. Fitted tights or longer shorts with flat seam construction will farewell painful thigh rub forever.

Note to Competitive runners: Workout gear needs a test run before a big event to ensure it’s super comfortable and offering the protection from runner’s chafe that every athlete dreams of.