How to fuel up for the perfect run

How to fuel up for the perfect run

How to fuel up for the perfect run


Running improves your cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and burns calories. It’s also a convenient, low cost exercise. All you’ll need is a pair of running shoes and to fuel your body ready to hit the road.

A car won’t run properly if you’re using the wrong type of gas, the same goes for the body. The correct nutrition provides the energy needed to complete strenuous exercise.

So what does your body need to fuel up for a run?

Drink plenty of water
Stay hydrated. Guzzling large quantities of water can weigh you down and make you feel sluggish. Aim to regularly sip plenty of water throughout the day and while running.

Better Health Victoria recommends males should drink 2.6 litres of water each day, while women should aim for 2.1 litres. Eat regularly and healthily.

Don’t skip meals
Skipping regular meals can cause fatigue. Nutrition Australia recommends physically active people should eat low-fat, high carb snacks throughout the day in addition to three nutritious, well-balanced main meals. Almonds, eggs, chicken and oily fish like Salmon are good fuel for runners.

Refuel after exercise
Replenish your energy with a healthy snack after your run. Protein-rich food choices like chicken breast, protein shake or bar will help fend off the post-workout munchies.