How to make morning runs more enjoyable

How to make morning runs more enjoyable


How to make morning runs more enjoyable


If you’re struggling to find your morning mojo, lace those running shoes and hit the pavement, it’s nothing to do with not being a morning person.

Overnight your blood sugars will have dropped. Your brain is still in a fog and your joints and muscles need warming up. This doesn’t mean you weren’t born for morning runs. A run in the morning is a great way to kick start your metabolism for the rest of the day.

Remember, if you run first thing in the morning, you have less time to think of excuses why you should skip your daily run in the afternoon. We’ve compiled top tips to help you enjoy morning running a little more.

Prepare the night before
Get everything you need for the morning ready the night before. All you have to do when the alarm goes off is, have a light bite to eat and put on your joggers. Sleep in your running gear if that’s what it takes to get your up and moving faster.

Have a mini breakfast
Half an hour before you head out the door, have a piece of wholegrain toast with banana and a small glass of juice or half a cup of coffee. According to studies, caffeine is found to improve your performance. You to get up even a little earlier to eat, but at least you are less likely to feel shocking before you’ve made it back home.

Don’t procrastinate
You got up to go running, don’t get caught up in doing household chores like throwing on a load of washing, making lunches or breakfast for the kids. Dress in your favourite running gear (if you didn’t sleep in it), pull on your shoes and go!

Warm up
Start out with a gentle five minute walk before you pick up the pace. Then alternate between running and walking until your muscles and joints are ready for action.

Create the ultimate running playlist
Upload all your favourites to an MP3 player or iPod. Choose uplifting songs to boost your motivation and match your tempo. For example: The Italio Bros ‘Stamp on the Ground’ is a great motivator when your energy levels are flagging.