How to speed up recovering from the City2Surf

How to speed up recovering from the City2Surf

How to speed up recovering from the City2Surf


If you were one of the 80,000 that made it across the finish line in the City2Surf yesterday, you can give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done! Whether bounced across the finish line with a hiss and a roar, or staggered to the end wondering what on earth you were thinking when you signed up – there are things you can do to speed up your recovery. If you woke up feeling a little worse for wear, here are some hints on how to speed up your recover over the next couple of days.

Drink lots of H20

Whether  you walked the distance or crossed the finish line with a new personal best, the City2Surf takes a toll on your body no matter how fit you are. Boosting your hydration levels with sports drinks is a good idea immediately following the event, but over the next week stick to water. Your body doesn’t need the excess sugar.

Walk it off

Exercise may be the last thing you feel like, and it’s important to let your muscles recovery for the first 48 hours. Aching, throbbing muscles is quite normal after subject your body to a run like the City2Surf. Don’t launch back into your own training routine straight away. Try some lower impact exercise like a walking or pilates.

Use a foam roller

Foam rollers release tension and tightness caused by repetitive movement like running, when used correctly. By applying pressure to specific points on your body using the roller you will speed up the recovery of muscles.


You’ve earned a reward. It’s completely normal to feel fatigued and a bit down after finishing a event, especially if it’s the culmination of months of training. Celebrate your achievement with luxury weekend away, a day of spa treatments or even curled up with a good book and binge-watching without feeling guilty.

Eat well

Indulge in foods which speed up muscle recovery. Strawberries, tart cherries, sweet potatoes, chilies and broccoli are said to help sore muscles, as well as ginger, tumeric and sunflower seeds.