Pre-race checklist for City2Surf

Pre-race checklist for City2Surf


Pre-race checklist for City2Surf


Not long now until the City2Surf arrives! For those of you who have been following our Sofa to Surf program on rebel Insider, well done! I am sure you are very well prepared to for the big day  and ready to master Heartbreak hill.

But, you are not there yet. In fact, your days leading into the event are just as important as the time you spent training. It’s time to ensure you have the right gear, tackle any muscle soreness, are well-rested and your nutrition is up to scratch.

Here is my pre-race checklist to help you make sure you are ready City2Surf.

Two days to go
Two days prior to a race I make sure  I am eating more carbs through whole food and natural sources, such as sweet potato, apples and bananas. I also make sure I am keeping well hydrated with hydralyte.

I don’t do any strength training and spend time stretching, meditating and foam rolling.

One day to go
The day before an event I eat pretty light, keep up the fluids and cut my caffeine intake. I will also do a short quick jog and spend some time stretching.

Before I go to sleep, I will get my gear laid out for the next morning, so I don¹t have to stress about forgetting anything. I also go to bed thinking of all the reasons I will run a good race the next day. I try to get an early night, although pre-race day excitement can sometimes make it hard to sleep.

The day of City2Surf

I get up early, eat high GI carbs, such as white bread and jam, and have a black coffee to make sure the train leaves the tunnel, so to speak.

I will sip on water throughout the morning, have a quick foam roll and listen to music. I also recite positive affirmation for my upcoming race.

The items I will always bring to a race are:

  • An extra jumper I can throw away before the start of the race
  • Water
  • Jelly lollies
  • A race belt to store gels
  • Anti chafe body glide stick
  • Band aids for my nipples (I have learnt that lesson the hard way)
  • Spare safety pins
  • A $50 note for post event

Hope that helps! Have a great run everyone!