Preparing for a Marathon the Moneghetti way: Starting out

Preparing for a Marathon the Moneghetti way: Starting out

Preparing for a Marathon the Moneghetti way: Starting out


Aussie running legend Steve Moneghetti offers some tough-talking advice to runners and Inside Sport on how to approach Australia’s leading road distance running event, the 2017 Gold Coast Marathon.

Know your limits

“If you’ve already competed in a 10km race, at the Gold Coast event you might choose to run a half-marathon. That’s 21km; a nice step up. If you’ve already run a half, you’ll probably be looking to the marathon. Whatever you are aiming towards, your first and only goal should be to finish the event –time is less important – even if this involves walking in patches. If you want to, say, walk through drink stations, or you have a goal where you run five minutes, then walk five minutes, that’s fine. If that’s the best way for you to achieve the goal of ultimately finishing the event, then that’s sensible.”

Starting Out

“If you’ve got a hill near your house, and you want to run non-stop to the top of that hill, that’s great . But having a race is actually a better goal for distance running preparation. I like to remind people that the race date isn’t moving. With some people it’s almost like they’re coming to me and asking, ‘Oh, can you just ring up the Gold Coast guys and just tell them, look, they’re not quite ready. They’ve got a party on the night before; can you just move the race a couple of weeks back?’

No. It’s not moving. It’s fixed. Get your priorities right; revolve around the date being the date you need to perform. I like that aspect of the journey. It tests you, you learn a lot about yourself, it challenges you, and you’re forced to commit to a deadline. Lots of people make excuses and fluff around. Having a race that you’re locked in to is a good life lesson about commitment.”