Preparing for a Marathon the Moneghetti way 

Preparing for a Marathon the Moneghetti way 

Preparing for a Marathon the Moneghetti way 


Body Prep for the Gold Coast Marathon

Running royalty, Steve Moneghetti opens up on how to Inside Sport on how you can prepare your body for the 2017 Gold Coast Marathon.

Hydrate Mate

“After a run, we used to just hang around, have a chat, and then drive home, but these days people are very aware that it’s not so much what you’re eating beforehand. [Obviously the day before, you want to have a good carbohydrate meal and be hydrated] There’s been really good research on how your body recovers better with fluids; you have your chocolate milk straight away with the calcium, or your isotonic drinks. Take them on runs with you!  Most runners will be wearing bum bags and Camelbacks with drinks in them, which are both really good for hydration.

We used to think we had to tough it out. I would spend half my runs wanting to drink. I’d want to get my body tough and I’d be dying of thirst when I’d get back. It would take me my whole afternoon after a long run on a Sunday to recover, I was that dehydrated.  That’s been a real development. If you keep your body hydrated, you’re actually going to get those benefits and that growth a lot quicker.”

Active Recovery

“During my career I was running twice a day, every day, but I would only do faster sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I would always let my body recover.  Don’t feel bad about having a recovery day. You’re not actually resting, you’re letting your body improve and grow.  If you were to try to run every day, you’d actually get injured or tired because you’re not allowing your body to have that recovery and a chance to take a breath and deal with it.

If I was setting a program, it wouldn’t be ‘run every day’, it would be ‘run a few days a week, but with rest days to allow your body to absorb the training’. It’s the same within runs. That’s why you need a walking period, just to allow your body the chance to take a breath.”