Tips on getting out from under the doona

Tips on getting out from under the doona


Tips on getting out from under the doona


We all love our doonas on a cold winter’s morning; however, winter also means ‘Fun Run Time’.

For those of you in Perth it could be the Swan River Run, If you’re a Sydneysider the Sydney Harbour 10k & 5K is just over a month away and then it’s the big one – The City to Surf on August 14.

So here are a few tips on how you can throw the doona off and jump out of bed with the mercury in single digits.

Layer Up, but dress for the complete run
Often I see runners with jackets tied around their waist during their run, or sweating heavily because they’ve dressed for the cold. The body is a great natural heater and it will soon warm up once the blood gets pumping. Arm warmers are fantastic for running in the cold. If you run in a singlet or t-shirt, put them on and once you’ve warmed up, slip them off and tuck them into your shorts or tights.

Compression Socks
These are a little longer than your standard sock, coming up just under the knee. The legs are your tool of trade so best to keep them nice and snug. The added compression will ensure you back up for the next training run with reduced soreness.

My secret tip
Disposable hand warmers are awesome. Sometimes on my longer runs, my hands get too hot wearing gloves. The disposable hand warmers are small enough for you to comfortable carry in your hands or down your top and last up to 45 minutes. That’s more than enough time for you to have warmed up, and then you simply throw them in a bin. They work out at less than a dollar a pair – simply google ‘Disposable Hand Warmers’.

Stay warm, but stay comfortable.

See you out there,