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What to wear for your first half marathon


Hi guys, I’m Ben Lucas your Rebel Insider for running. Today, we’ll be checking out some of the gear you’ll be needing if you’re preparing for a marathon or a fun run. Let’s get into it.

First up, we’ve got shoes. Take care of your feet, and they’re going to take care of you. It sounds pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people train and race in the wrong pair of shoes. Take the time. Do the research. Spend the money. You’ll be doing yourself a favour in the long run, and you’ll reduce your chance of injury.

The impact generated while running is three times your body weight per shoe, so you can see why it’s important to get the right one. Do you have a neutral, over-pronated, or under-pronated gait? What’s the right shoe size for you? It sounds silly, but your feet swell while you run. Also, how much cushioning do you need through the midsole? That’s all going to be dependent on your running gait and what distance you’re running. Get those factors sorted, and you’ve gone a long way to making your running experience more pleasurable from the ground up.

Next, you’re going to need something to wear. That old cotton singlet’s just not going to cut it. You need something that works with your body. You need to get technical with the performance fabric that’s going to wick away sweat and keep you cool.

Tracking your training and monitoring your performance is paramount. Performance trackers are an essential tool in your training arsenal. They come in all shapes and sizes and are made by everyone from Fitbit to Microsoft, Garmin to Suunto. A performance tracker is a sensational motivational tool. It will help you structure and execute your sessions so you can get the best results. Using the speed, distance, and time functions, you know exactly how far and fast you’re moving. This is incredibly useful. In fact, I don’t know how I ever got by without one.

A suspension trainer is as good for your strength and core as it is for portability. Anchor it to a door in your house or a tree in the park. In this one awesome bit of equipment, you really have a whole gym’s worth of variety at your fingertips. For runners, single leg movements and functional training are not only great for your running, but help bulletproof your body for race day. Check out Tanya Poppett’s full body suspension training workout on the Rebel Insider. That way you can get the most out of your suspension trainer.

Recovery, recovery, recovery. Get yourself a foam roller, and learn how to use it. You won’t be sorry. All the runners I know swear by them. Check out Cam Burns’ video on how to use a recovery roller on the Rebel Insider. That way you can get the most out of your recovery roller.

And don’t forget to check out the full 12 week program online at the Rebel Insider. We also have meal plans and loads more info.

I’m Ben Lucas, your Rebel Insider for running, and I’ll see you next time.