What you should know before running the City2Surf?

What you should know before running the City2Surf?

What you should know before running the City2Surf?


City2Surf is touted as the world’s largest fun run. With more than 80,000 entrants  last year, only 67,655 finished. Was Sydney’s 14 kilometre course too challenging with those who dropped out along the way ill-prepared?  To ensure you don’t miss crossing the finish line, these tips will help you prepare for annual event.

Start a training programme

Once you have a full check up with your GP,  you will need to have comfortable, professionally fitted running shoes, wearable technology that monitors your heart rate and find a running buddy to keep you motivated. If you’ve never run much before you really should start training at least 6 months to a year prior to the race date. Perhaps now is a good time for newbies to start preparing forCity2Surf 2018.

Experienced athletes, you need to start training now!

What type of training programme is best?

The best type of training you can do to prepare for the City2Surf is outdoor running. While training on a treadmill is better than not running at all, you’ll be better prepared for race day if you train outside, no matter what the weather. Make sure you crank up the incline on the treadmill to replicate Heartbreak Hill.

How far should you run to prepare myself for the City2Surf?

Beginner runners should start out a combo of walking and running – run two power poles, walk for two power poles, or something similar. Gradually build up your distance a little each run. Once you’ve reached your goal of 14kms, then you can focus on increasing your pace and hill running.

How often should you train?

You are the best judge of how your body is feeling. Don’t continue to constantly push yourself as this is a sure way to end up injured before race day. Don’t forget to allow for recovery days.

Listen to your body and ensure you get appropriate rest. If your body needs rest, take a break. There is only so much you can plan for; the rest is up to your body. You should have 1-3 days rest between training days, depending on the type, time and other factors.

Are there any other tips you can do to ensure I complete the event?

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will allow you to boost your speed during points of the race, where other competitors may be flagging. As the events draws closer, shorten your running distance, but pick up your speed. Make sure you get plenty of sleep and watch what you eat in the week leading up to the fun run.

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