Why do we run?

Why do we run?


Why do we run?


According to Wikipedia, “It is assumed that the ancestors of mankind developed the ability to run for long distances about 2.6 million years ago, probably in order to hunt animals. Now those animals were no doubt used as a source of food.”

Isn’t it ironic then, that now a large number of people run in order to lose weight because they consume too much or the wrong foods?

There’s many other reasons we run and maybe there’s a reason here for you or a friend to start running.

It’s free
Just step outside and away you go. Morning, noon or night, your playground never closes. Some Fun Run events are expensive you say? Well, you’ve got a point. However if you’ve done couple of big runs through the year and want to keep challenging yourself – try parkrun. A free, 5k timed run, organised by volunteers. Totally non-competitive; walkers, dogs and kids are all encouraged to participate in the 182 parkruns through Australia. Check out www.parkrun.com.au for your closest race event.

It’s social
What better way to start the day with a running mate or a bunch of runners. Slow, fast, interval session or hill session, you’ll find just being with others will push you and encourage you. The next thing you know you’ll be arranging weekends and holidays around the next Fun Run and who knows, if you’re single, a run is always a good place to get to know someone – especially first thing in the morning.

Reduce stress
Running releases a flood of endorphins. Those feel good endorphins can help you feel better, even if you head out for a half an hour. There’s many studies that state regular runners generally live a happier more stress-free life than housebound people. There’s also some psychological benefits to achieving running goals, so the next time you feel stressed, hit the road and run for about 20 minutes. You may be surprised at how much it helps your anxiety level.

Lead by example
Monkey see, monkey do. If your kids see you going out running, they might turn off the multiple TVs in the house and join you for a run around the block. If you lead a team of people at work and you do a bit of running, why not let them go home 30 minutes early if they join you for a half hour run at lunchtime? Buy each team member a pedometer and see who can cover the most distance in a week – it’s amazing how competitive people can get.

It’s good for you
Sure you might get a few aches and pains starting out, but that’s why you need to ease into it. Weight loss, less stress, it slows down ageing and is great for the heart, so what are you waiting for? Grab the kids or grab a friend or work colleague. Go out and run happy!

I’ll see you out there smiling!