Your pre-race day checklist

Your pre-race day checklist

Your pre-race day checklist


Even seasoned runners need a a timely reminder of things to remember to check prior to a big race event like the City2Surf. Whether you’re an old hand at race events, or you’re about to undertake your very first fun run, make sure you’ve checked off everything on our list below.

Stick with what you know. The day before an event isn’t the time to decide to splash out on new running gear or try out that new exotic restaurant with friends.  Spend the day relaxing and stick with your normal routine avoiding alcohol binges or doing anything too taxing on your body. The housework and outdoor chores will still be there after the race. Put your feet up.

Eat small amounts.  Watch what you put in your mouth and avoid the foods you know sometimes pay havoc with your stomach. The night prior to a big race day is not the night to chow down an entire chili loaded pizza or creamy pasta bowl. Yes, you need carbs to fuel your energy, but try eating them in smaller amounts rather than one big feed.

Pack your race kit.  Don’t leave packing your race kit until the morning of the event. Double check you have everything you need, including your bib, which can still be picked up today between 8:00am and 4:00pm from ICC Sydney in Darling Harbour.  Attach it to the shirt your wearing before leaving home. There’s no point ending up on the starting line without it.

Know where the starting line is. Triple check you know where the starting line is and allow yourself plenty of time to get there, particularly if you are catching public transport. Organisers are encouraging people to turn up no more than 30 minutes before your race start time is ample time. There is also a gear drop option on race day morning at Hyde Park North. All gear will then be transported to the finish line for your collection. Keep your valuable with you, as event organisers will take all care, but no responsibility for  lost or broken gear.

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep and good luck out there.