5 Steps to a better tennis serve

5 Steps to a better tennis serve


5 Steps to a better tennis serve


5 steps to a better tennis serve

Ever wanted to deliver a tennis serve with the veracity and speed of Pete Sampras or Mark Philippoussis? With our five simple steps you can learn how to ace your serve and get the upper hand on your opponent.

Practise your serve from kneeling
It sounds strange, but serving from a kneeling position forces a player to keep their head upright and encourages the correct posture and follow-through, otherwise the tennis racquet connects with the ground. A towel or yoga mat can help make this position more comfortable.

Observe the ball
Watching where the ball lands and how high it bounces reveals a lot about how much speed and power the ball is being delivered with. If the tennis ball doesn’t bouncing enough to reach the back of the nets, try serving faster.

Train with resistance bands
Ace your serve with the use of resistance bands to build shoulder stability and improving your tricep strength for delivering a fast ball with wow factor.

Capture it on video
Ask a friend to record your practice on your smart phone as you serve. Tennis professionals spend hours watching video footage of their own performance, so use it’s a great way to observe faults or aspects you can improve upon.

Practice makes perfect
It sounds like common sense, but how much time do you really spend focusing on your weaknesses and become proficient at one skill at a time? To ace your tennis serve set aside time every training session to refine your technique.