7 Ways to put a new spin on backyard basketball

7 Ways to put a new spin on backyard basketball


7 Ways to put a new spin on backyard basketball


Put a new spin on your backyard basketball game with these fun ideas when one-on-one and practicing slam dunks become boring.

Copycat ball
Dazzle your opponent with your Harlem Globetrotter like skills and basketball tricks as you shoot and score. Your opponent must then try to replicate your mad talent. If unable to do so, you score a point. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Shoot out
All players stand just underneath the hoop and take turns shooting. If you score, take a step back and shoot again. The winner is the person who is the furthest from the goal wins.

Water basketball
With summer on its way, forget sweating it out on the court or in the driveway. Poolside basketball is a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends or family and keep cool at the same time.

Knock out
You’ll need two basketballs and two or more players for this variation on B-ball. The first two players start shooting at the same time. The objective is to score before your opponent does. Players can pounce on their opponent’s basketball if they are too slow to retrieve it and use that to try and score. The last player to shoot a hoop is knocked out of the contest.

Players take turns shooting. If a player misses, they are awarded the letter D. Once they miss again, they are awarded an O and so on until the word Donkey is spelt out. The winner is the player with the least amount of letters.

Blind basketball
Players must team up into pairs. One from each pair is blindfolded. The sighted player yells instructions from the side line to guide their team member to shoot and score.

Scarecrow tiggy
A great way to hone dribbling skills, Scarecrow tiggy is best played with lots of players. Ideal for school holidays when your kids have friends over. You’ll need two basketballs and two taggers. Taggers can only tag players dribbling basketballs. When tagged, dribblers must freeze with their legs apart. The only way they can be freed is to have a basketball rolled between their legs by another dribbler.